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Residential Window Warranty



A Division of Superior Metal Products LLC

116 Citation Court • Birmingham, AL 35209-6307


Superior Windows aluminum and vinyl window products are manufactured from the highest grade materials by skilled craftsmen to meet the highest standards of workmanship of the industry and are warranted, as specified below, for the lifetime of the original residential purchaser:


Aluminum and Vinyl Will not craze, crack, chip, peel, blister or rust. LIFETIMEFrames and Sashes
Parts and Components Will not break under normal operating conditions. LIFETIME
Fiberglass Screens* Will not rust or rot. (Does not cover torn screens or insect damage.) LIFETIME
Insulated Glass Will not materially obstruct vision due to seal failure LIFETIME


*WARNING: Screens will not stop children from falling out of windows.  Keep children away from open windows.

Should any of the foregoing defects occur, Superior Window’s liability shall be limited to, at its election, the repair or replacement of the product or return of the purchase price.

This warranty covers manufacturing defects only.  It does not cover damage by improper installation, willful abuse, normal wear and weathering, or by negligence or failure to provide the normal maintenance and cleaning of the product, nor to damage caused by acts of God, such as fire, lightning, storms or other causes beyond the control of Superior Windows.

Normal weathering and aging of existing materials will preclude perfect color match of replacement materials.  Superior Windows reserves the right to discontinue and/or make changes in any of its products.  In the event the product to which this warranty applies is not available, Superior Windows shall have the right to substitute a product that, in Superior Windows’ discretion, is of equal grade, quality and price.

Replacement sealed insulating glass units will be furnished F.O.B. Superior Windows, Birmingham, AL to replace units failing to meet warranty.  This warranty shall be limited solely to providing a replacement sealed insulating glass unit and shall, in no way, include any additional costs, including but not limited to, measuring, installation, glazing, labor cost or transportation cost.

Condensation on the exposed surfaces of the glass and/or framing material is a natural result of excessive moisture in the house and does not indicate a defective product or faulty installation.  Additional information is available upon request.

Superior Windows reserve the right to inspect, in the field, any unit which is allegedly defective.

This instrument completely defines the express warranty on Superior Window’s products.  No seller, distributor, installer, or Superior Windows representative has the authority to alter or change this warranty either orally or in writing.  Superior Window’s liability shall be limited to repair or replacement of defective material as defined above, or at its discretion, return of the purchase price.  Under no circumstances will Superior Windows be liable for incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to damage to or loss of other property or equipment, or for the cost of removing, installing or reinstalling any replacement part or parts furnished hereunder.

The limited lifetime warranty commences on the completed installation date of the Products on the original purchaser’s property.  This limited warranty remains in effect for as long as the owner(s) of the property to which the Products were originally applied continues to live in and own the property.  This warranty is NON-TRANSFERABLE.

This warranty will become effective upon certification by the Dealer that installation of the windows has been completed at the residential premises set forth below.  In the event that performance of Superior Windows’ obligation under this warranty is sought, the part or parts that do not conform to this warranty must be shipped to Superior Windows at the above address, transportation charges prepaid.  If any questions arise concerning the performance of Superior Windows’ warranty obligation, please contact your dealer or write to Superior Windows at the above address.  This warranty shall be for the benefit of the original residential purchaser and may not be transferred or assigned.

This limited warranty is effective for all Superior Windows’ fabricated window products sold after January 1, 1997.  Any previous warranties will continue to apply according to their original terms.